Alan Barlis, FAIA


Synthesizing high design and the highest standards of sustainability, Alan Barlis’ vision has been central to the development of BarlisWedlick’s industry-leading reputation. In 2018, Alan was elevated to the American Institute of Architects College of Fellows for his work and teaching in sustainable design. Over the last 20 years, Barlis has built an award-winning, full-service firm through a broad and distinguished body of work, including private residences, affordable housing, and sustainable commercial compounds. Barlis holds a Masters of Architecture from MIT; he is an architect registered in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Georgia, and Florida, and trained in LEED and Passive House certification and is a member of the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (COTE).

Dennis Wedlick, FAIA


Dennis Wedlick is the founder of BarlisWedlick Architects. He established the firm as Dennis Wedlick Architect in 1992.

Wedlick began his architectural career with a 12-year apprenticeship to the master architect Philip Johnson. During his time in Johnson’s office he worked on urban and exurban development projects and spearheaded the compilation of a vast archive of Johnson’s residential design. Today Wedlick is best-known for his award-winning residential designs, but has also distinguished himself in master planning, landscape design, and environmental conservation. The Cooper-Hewitt, the Smithsonian’s National Design Museum, which honored Wedlick in 2003, described his work as containing “extraordinary amounts of poetry.” Habitat for Humanity, Columbia County, New York, which honored Wedlick, most recently in 2014, describes Wedlick as a “visionary, whose designs concern not only the health and welfare of his clients, but the community at large.”

Wedlick is a founding member of CORA, the Congress of Residential Architecture, a grassroots organization created to pool ideas among residential designers throughout the nation. He is author of five books on residential design, most recently Classic & Modern: Signature Styles (2013), co-authored with Alan Barlis. A pioneer in passive house design in the United States, Wedlick is frequently asked to speak at architectural and building meetings on residential architecture, energy conservation technology, and the environment.

Doug Huntington, AIA, LEED, CPHC


Doug Huntington has been with BarlisWedlick since 2003. Huntington has been responsible for the firm's largest and most complicated commissions. With experience in residential, commercial and institutional work, Huntington’s portfolio includes urban projects in New York City, Miami, Denver, San Francisco and Detroit, as well as rural commissions from coast to coast. Huntington’s focus at BarlisWedlick has been on sustainable design and pursuing the elegant integration of architecture, interiors and landscape. He is a licensed architect, LEED-certified, and a certified passive house consultant.

Liza Paredes, CPHC


Liza Paredes joined the BarlisWedlick team in 2006 and since has managed an array of project typologies: rural residential, institutional, and affordable housing. Though adept in these various areas, she is most experienced with city residential work and navigating the complexity of local agencies and their approval processes. Liza takes great care in developing a relationship with her clients that fosters design solution which best meet their goals and aspirations. Liza is a Certified Passive House Consultant (CPHC) and has worked on a number of the firm’s Passive House projects, most notably, the Kinderhook Seventh Day Adventist Church, the nation’s first certified passive house church.

Andrew Lefkowitz, AIA, CPHC


Andrew Lefkowitz joined BarlisWedlick in 2010. Lefkowitz developed an attention to detail and a dedication to the craft of building early in his career when he apprenticed in a mill shop. This time spent on intricate detailing evolved into passion for good building techniques and followed him into high-end residential work, with an early focus on architectural interiors. His interest in these building techniques led Lefkowitz to Passive House design, where he continues to marry highly efficient architecture with beautiful design. He is a licensed architect and a certified passive house designer.

Jessie Goldvarg, AIA


Jessie Goldvarg joined BarlisWedlick in 2008 and has since become Project Architect, Project Manager, and now Associate. She is known for her meticulous attention to detail, robust organizational skills, and deep commitment to meeting client expectations. She firmly believes in fostering a gratifying and enlightening project experience and prides herself on gaining a deep understanding and appreciation of each client’s unique needs. This focus is amplified by her passion for a wide range of architectural styles and sensibilities, and allows each project to develop uniquely in tandem with client’s aspirations. She is a licensed Architect in New York.

Megan Bruno

Chief of Staff and Director Of Business Development

As a member of the Executive Team, Megan Bruno leads efforts in business development, marketing and sales strategy and implementation, as well as staff development and success. Megan was named Chief of Staff in 2019. A teacher by trade, Bruno brings a creative and collaborative approach to the role and uses her past experiences to foster an environment where employees are motivated to succeed and encouraged to continue to learn and grow. Bruno works closely with the members of the Executive Team to curate and execute the overarching vision of the firm.