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Archive of significant work
Since our founding, we have designed and built a number of award-winning projects that have defined a generation of architecture and continue to influence our work today.
Our sculptural addition to Philip Johnson’s historic design gave this classically midcentury structure a unique sensibility.
Oneto House
A Greek Revival-style home in Michigan needed refurbishing, so we modernized it, adding key Passive House elements.
River House
We updated this historic Hillsdale property to be completely Passive House compliant, increasing its energy efficiency overall.
We made the most of indoor/outdoor living with this Classic and Modern home on Further Lane in Easthampton.
Hamptons Retreat
We brought this grand New York City residence into the 21st century with large-scale renovations, maintaining its character in the process.
Flatiron Loft
Our greenest home to date- before we were introduced to Passive House certification, this home already employed a number of its principles.
Colonial Cottage