The Hudson River Studio

Sep. 01, 2007

Opening this fall, the firm’s newest location will be a nexus of rural architecture, regional preservation, and sustainable development.

Hudson, New York – September 2007 – Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC (DWA) is proud to announce that it will be establishing a center in the Hudson Valley. The thriving architecture firm has long had a presence in the “rural ring” around New York City, designing projects including complex second homes, eco-friendly cottages and farms, hospitality and university buildings and green communities. Beyond its architectural contribution, DWA has become known for its commitment to the area through its passionate advocacy of historic preservation, sustainable development and rurally appropriate design. So long a contributor to Hudson Valley development, it was only a matter of time before the firm made it official: DWA’s Hudson River Studio will open in Hudson, New York in October 2007 (

For principal Dennis Wedlick, The Hudson River Studio has been an ambition for over 20 years. Immediately after earning his degree in architecture, Wedlick had the honor of working with legendary architect Philip Johnson. Midway through his 12-year tenure in Johnson’s office, Wedlick received his first commission to design a cluster of woodland cottages on a plot of farmland in the Hudson River Valley. Thoroughly charmed by the landscape, within a month Wedlick had purchased an abandoned farm field and begun making sketches for a small, picturesque home in which he and his partner reside to this day.

“The farm fields, the second generation forests and the indigenous architecture were, and continue to be, great sources of inspiration,” said Wedlick. “Beyond that, rural landowners in the Hudson Valley were practicing sustainable development long before it was fashionable‹for years they have been building environmentally-sensitive structures, adaptively re-using historic buildings, and advocating for the preservation of open space. We are proud to be a part of that.”

Wedlick’s first project in the region lead to dozens more residential commissions on both sides of the Hudson for his New York City-based firm. Sharing a romantic design sensibility, a quality that has come to be a firm signature, all these homes were built with local materials and an exacting attention to regional architectural style and a sustainable future. Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC’s reputation was built to a large extent on its Hudson Valley portfolio, and its list of local projects has continued to grow in the residential sector as well as the commercial and institutional arenas. Under the leadership of Wedlick and his partner in the firm, Alan Barlis, AIA, DWA has taken on projects as diverse as the Environmental Studies Department at nearby Vassar College, a rehabilitation of the legendary Antrim Lodge at the base of the Catskills, and large-scale community-planning projects throughout the valley.

The Hudson River Studio: More than a Satellite Office

The Studio, which occupies a two-floor historic building in downtown Hudson, will be much more than a second office for the firm. Indeed, Wedlick and Barlis envision it as a center for regional design and development. The workspace includes a dedicated loft for exhibitions and conferences‹in fact, to inaugurate the space, the Studio will play host to an exhibition of exquisite architectural renderings by local artist and architect, George Ellsworth Shear (please see media advisory for details on this October event). The Studio will also be the headquarters of the Hudson Valley Congress of Residential Architecture, a regional chapter of the national advocacy organization of which Wedlick is a founding member ( Most importantly, however, the Studio will become a center of discussion about the development of the region. In the Hudson Valley as in other rural areas, the entire community depends on maintaining healthy natural and agricultural environments, while promoting economic growth‹and design can play a major role in striking this balance. DWA hopes that the work done at The Hudson River Studio will contribute to the development of design solutions that may be exported to similar developing rural areas across the country and beyond.

“No matter what the project‹be it the creation of a weekend retreat inspired by nearby Shaker architecture, the renovation of a historic building for a new corporate headquarters, or the planning of an entire community to support agricultural development‹The Hudson River Studio will promote innovative and picturesque design while respecting the history and natural environment of the Hudson Valley region,” said Wedlick.

Opening October 2007: The Hudson River Studio Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC 17 North 4th Street, Suite 1N Hudson, New York 12534 Tel. 518.822.8881