Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to Your Dream Home

Part Design Resource, Part Road Map, Architect Dennis Wedlick’s Newest Book Plots a 20-Step Course from Pipe Dream to Dream Home

Close your eyes for a moment and see if you can envision what your own dream home would be, for this is the first step in making it come true . . . Careful planning and smart choices make the essence of the dream attainable . . .Good House Hunting

NEW YORK, NEW YORK — Most of us have a sense of the kind of home we want to live in, whether it’s an urban loft or a country retreat, a bachelor pad or a place to raise a family. And most of us know that buying a home, particularly a first home, can be the most important financial and personal investment of a lifetime. What most of us don’t know is how to go about describing, finding, building, financing, and ultimately attaining our dream homes. Enter architect and author Dennis Wedlick’s new book, Good House Hunting: 20 Steps to Your Dream Home(Harper Design; $24.95), in stores June 2005.

Good House Hunting is a comprehensive guide for homeowners, homebuyers, and dreamers – it will appeal to anyone who has ever contemplated the fullest meaning of the word “home.” At once inspirational and practical, Good House Hunting fills a need that Wedlick has seen over and over again throughout 25 years of residential architecture.

“We have built a practice around the belief that everyone deserves to live in their dream homes,” said Wedlick. “Too many people are intimidated into compromising their vision, or abandoning the search altogether. I hope that this book will help people to go out and find or build homes that make a profound and positive impact on their lives.”

Taking it Step by Step

Good House Hunting is meant to be read cover to cover: the text, punctuated by brilliant photography, takes readers through the process of finding the right home for them in an intelligent, accessible way.

The book is broken into two main parts. Part One, Dream Home Planning, is about identifying and articulating the elements of your ideal home, then developing a plan to attain it. Part Two, 20 Steps to the Dream Home, is all about action. Addressing issues including defining price range; developing a critical eye to evaluate a property; cultivating a visionary eye to see its potential; judging interiors against exteriors; dealing with architects, contractors and government codes; and, perhaps most importantly, strategies for maintaining faith throughout a long search, Good House Hunting hones in on the questions every would-be homeowner has faced.

Eminently practical, Good House Hunting also provides much-needed reassurance, motivation, and encouragement. The book is really a tool for empowerment – after reading it, house hunters know that they, too, can live in the home of their dreams, regardless of budget, location, and aesthetic.

“Finding the right home for you and your family is about dreaming for the future – it’s a fundamentally optimistic act,” said Wedlick. “I hope that people will read this book the way a person who has always dreamed of traveling to Africa might pick up a copy of The Lonely Planet - this is a book that helps you translate dreams to reality, step by step.”

A passport of sorts to the world of design and home ownership, Good House Hunting may be the first book written for the “armchair proprietor,” but it will certainly appeal to a much wider audience. This spring we should see a new breed of house hunter, one armed with a clear dream and a strategy for making it happen.

About the Author:

Dennis Wedlick is the principal of the Manhattan-based architecture firm, Dennis Wedlick Architect LLC. ( Known for creating striking and expressive homes, the firm has received national recognition from the media and the design community. The author of three books (The Good Home, Designing the Good Home, and Good House Parts), Wedlick also lectures around the country on subjects ranging from specific architectural styles to sustainable design.Good House Hunting is his fourth book.

About the Book:

PUBLISHER: Harper Design ISBN: 0-06-077995-0 TRIM SIZE: 7″ x 9″ EDITION: Paperback PAGES: 160 ILLUSTRATIONS: 100 full color PRICE: $24.95