How we design

At BarlisWedlick, we build homes—homes for families, homes for work, and homes for play. To achieve buildings with distinctive character, we put a premium on highly personal service. Our most recognized projects are those that succeed in expressing a client’s desires, resulting in architecture with personality, a connection to the landscape, and a unique functionality.

Our relationship with every new client begins the same way: with the development of a “wish list.” We ask each individual involved in the project to articulate their hopes for the finished building, requesting that they ignore any perceived limitations or restrictions. We ask our clients to take this leap of faith because we are confident that we will be able to realize their dreams with cost-effective, high-quality design solutions.

We take this approach for several reasons. First, we believe that architecture has the power to achieve seemingly conflicting goals with a single thoughtful design. Second, we believe that a project should take into account a client’s immediate and future goals so as to maximize cost-effectiveness and efficiency for the life of the building. Finally, we believe that if a client’s goals and aspirations are compromised before a project has even begun, we will have missed the opportunity to create the ideal building for them.

We measure our quality and effectiveness by our clients’ satisfaction, and attribute our success to the clear and steadfast vision we help our clients achieve and use as our ultimate guide. These visions are the result of strong collaboration among the client, our team of caring professionals, and our partnering consultants and engineers, all of whom see each project to fruition.

We pride ourselves on our personal, methodical approach. The client is our inspiration, exceptional service is our reputation, and a universally better place to live and work is our goal.