“The BarlisWedlick team was more than responsive to all of our requests throughout the duration of the project. The design and the detail in the Environmental Studies renovation are ingenious. Additionally, the project was completed on time and under budget. The Environmental Studies renovation is being heralded as a success from start to finish and we have BarlisWedlick’s collegial team to thank for this. Undoubtedly, Vassar College will be in touch with BarlisWedlick in the future.”
—John McEnrue, Project Manager, Vassar College

“For Country Home magazine, BarlisWedlick brought full service design and production talent to the creation of three high-concept consumer showcases. They worked with the editorial staff to produce designs incorporating innovative design and lifestyle elements. They also helped to coordinate sponsorship and marketing efforts. And the houses themselves were beautiful – at every step and entryway, BarlisWedlick’s architecture reflects the way we want to live today.”
—Frank Vitale, Associate Publisher/Group Marketing Director – Meredith Corporation

“If I had to sum up the experience, I’d say that our house was indeed a collaboration with Dennis that achieved everything on our wish list, both practically and conceptually, but at the same time is a one of a kind, awe-inspiring piece of architecture.”
—Kelly Hnatt, client

“We don’t feel that we have the traditional client/architect relationship [with BW]; we feel a part of the design team . . . I think that the firm has designed us the home that we would have designed ourselves if we were great architects.”
—Richard Gochman

“At our first meeting, the most amazing thing happened: BarlisWedlick listened closely to us. It wasn’t about him. It was about us. He would give us the house we wanted, but only if we joined the team. And so day after day, month after month, we talked and tweaked, dreamed and drafted . . . The process has been exhilarating. And the house fits us like a second skin. It couldn’t be anyone else’s house. It’s ours.”
—Alice Gochman